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IE6 Countdown

You wont find many a web developer around who doesn’t hate IE (and in particular, IE6). It’s buggy, doesn’t support newer technologies and exhibits all kinds of problems which don’t appear in other browsers.

Despite cross browser testing, it’s a regular occurrence for users to report problems that you can’t re-produce in your own browser.

IE6 is in particular old and pain to maintain and a lot of sites are now not supporting it – often serving up a standard style sheet which gives the user the content but without the site styling.

It comes as a pleasant treat for Microsoft to actively want to kill off IE6 and launching the IE6 Countdown site.

Steve Webster makes and interesting point though – IE9 isn’t supported on Windows XP, which is still very much in use. Therefore the latest version of IE that XP users can have is IE8, which is still a 2 year old browser.

Oh well, at least it’s a glimmer of hope! – the day IE6 dies will be a joyous day all round.

What I dont quite understand though is where they are getting the data from….

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