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Sling Got Greedy?

April 3rd, 2009 No comments

There has been talk (and demo videos) for a long time about SlingPlayer on the iPhone (and iPod Touch). It was reported last week that it was finished and had been submitted to the app store for approval.

Now it’s reported that the SlingPlayer for the iPhone will only work on the newer Slingbox models.

What’s more is that apparently it did work in the beta versions and it’s not a hardware thing but a greedy move by Sling to get people to purchase new hardware.

I always did find it frustrating that after buying the device you had to pay for the mobile version of SlingPlayer – but I did buy it for Pocket PC and Symbian as it wasn’t too expensive.

However, I certainly wont be buying new hardware just to get it on the iPhone / iPod and I certainly wont be recommending Slingbox to anyone if they are going to do that :(

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