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Dropbox – Free Online Storage, Backups & Syncronisation (Get Bonus Space!)

December 18th, 2010 No comments

Dropbox is a brilliant tool.

It’s effectively an online storage provider – however what’s cool about it is, install the software on your machine and it automatically stays in sync so you can save your documents as normal and not worry about having to manually create backups. Even better, you can install it on as many machines as you want.

I recommend you sign-up to and install Dropbox on all your machines and ensure that any files or documents you are creating or modifying go into your Dropbox.

As soon as you save your files, they are uploaded, over the internet to the Dropbox servers. This means you have a copy on your computer’s hard disk and a copy on Dropbox – an automatic backup!

If you have multiple computers, for example, a laptop and a desktop, you can install Dropbox on both and everything will be kept synchronised. Anything you save on one computer, will automatically be stored on Dropbox and appear on the other computer – so, you now have 3 copies of your files automatically.

Other cool features you get are:

  • You can access your files from anywhere by using the web site. You can even upload new or updated files while away from home and they will synchronise with your computers when you next turn them on.
  • You can share certain directories with other Dropbox users.
  • You can access old versions of files.

Dropbox is free for up to 2GB of space but also allows you to pay for more space if you need it.

If you use this link to sign up, when you install the Dropbox software on your computer, you will automatically receive an EXTRA 250MB of space for free (2.25GB in total).

I highly recommend you use it.

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