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My PHPNE Talk on Vagrant

May 22nd, 2012 No comments

I’m not a public speaker. In fact, i’m normally found either sitting at the back behind a sound desk or running round fixing technical problems.

However, Anthony Sterling approached me the week before the May 2012 PHP North East meetup and asked if i’d do a talk on Vagrant.

In order to give something back to the group, and knowing it was a product I really like that i’d be able to come up with plenty of content, I agreed.

I titled the talk Virtualized Development Environments with Vagrant so I could go into the background and why you would want to use such a tool, as well as how to use it. I also gave a brief introduction to Intrastructure as Code and Configuration Management with Puppet and Chef.

The full contents were:

  • Introduction to:
    • Development Environments
    • Virtualization
  • Why virtualize your development environment?
  • Introduction to Vagrant
  • Using Vagrant
  • Vagrant Plugins
  • Automated Provisioning (Configuration Management)

Watching it back, my public speaking and presentation skills do need quite a bit of work. However, given that it was a first attempt at public speaking, which is not natural to me, hopefully it was a good attempt. The feedback was good, plenty of people had positive things to say, questions and further discussion in the pub afterwards so that nice. I now also have some points to improve on.

The talk was video’d and available on Vimeo:

And the slides available on Slideshare or SpeakerDeck: